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Free Digital Marketing Course

For all you cheap bastards who don’t want to pay for my courses, I decided to create this free Digital Marketing Course which starts today. Don’t worry, you can start it at any time.

It’s a 12-week course which will teach you every-damn-thing you need to know about digital marketing or social media marketing. Whether you want to do some marketing on the side for side-income or whether you want to sell your own product or services, this free digital marketing course is for you.

If you’re opening up your own Direct Primary Care practice or you are starting a Health Coaching business, you’ll need to market yourself. This course will teach you how to easily:

  • create your own website
  • create a landing page
  • create SEO optimized content
  • start or manage a podcast
  • start or manage a YouTube channel
  • start a business profile on IG, Twitter, Pinterest, and FB
  • understand the psychology of sales and marketing
  • understand client retention and behavioral economics
  • create and manage Facebooks Ads
  • create and manage Google Ads campaigns
  • manage your LinkedIn profile for your business
  • sell anything on Amazon

Digital Marketing

One of the ways I earn money right now is through healthcare consulting. And one of my clients has started his own telemedicine practice and we’re working together to build it out and make it more profitable. Digital marketing, especially social media marketing, is critical to get optimal clients and to spend the least money to acquire them.

For example, a physician friend of mine sells bracelets on Etsy for a really worthy cause. I can never remember the name and I can never find it on Etsy when I want to tell someone about it. And she doesn’t have her own website for me to refer people to. Get it?

Yes, IG is filled with some weirdos who are taking selfies, but it’s also a treasure trove of potential customers. If not them, their word of mouth will be worth a lot of money for your practice or the sale of your product.

Digital Advertisement

Ads can be expensive. FB and Google bank on your lack of expertise to bid up the prices. But if you know how to run a proper FB or Google ad campaign, not only will you save a lot of money but you’ll have a higher conversion rate.

Even if you decide to farm out digital marketing to another company, like BrighterVision, you’ll need to understand the basics so that you don’t get ripped off.

Free Digital Marketing Course

Obviously, I’m not the one creating the content because I don’t have the expertise. But I am really good at doing research, so I have created a sexy PDF of all of the pertinent links for you to follow.

I have also created a course outline to keep you on track and a homework list. Each study sessions has a timestamp so you know how much time you’ll be spending each week.

The homework is easy, you’re just putting the things you’re learning to work. One week you’ll create a podcast or a YouTube channel. Another week you might create a FB website for your digital/physical product or your service.

I have used only 2 website for most of the material: Skillshare and YouTube. Skillshare only costs $15/month and if you’re taking this course in 12 weeks, you’ll only spend $45 and can cancel anytime after that.

How to Take This Course

First, if you’re too busy to take it, have your partner or child take it. These skills will always prove lucrative in all sorts of contexts. Even better, if you have the time, take this free digital marketing course with a buddy.

Download this PDF.

You won’t spend more than 5 hours a week. So budget 1 hour per day and you will blow through this course. I have set the start day to today. A few friends and myself will start this course and we’re going to be sharing notes on it.

Do the homework you lazy ….; don’t skimp out on the best part the learning. Come up with a service, a physical product, or a digital product you want to market. Build all of these things around it.

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