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Fingerprinting for Non-Lucrative Visa -2nd Renewal

I obtained an appointment to have fingerprinting done after my non-lucrative visa application renewal was approved. This is my 2nd non-lucrative visa renewal. I have been approved after submitting my documents online and just attended my fingerprinting appointment.

Documents for Fingerprinting Appointment

I needed the following documents for my fingerprinting appointment:

  1. Cita previa – appointment confirmation
  2. Photocopy of TIE, front and back
  3. Photocopy of main passport page
  4. Old TIE card
  5. Passport
  6. Resolucion document
  7. Modelo 780-012
  8. Payment receipt for Modelo
  9. EX-17 application completed
  10. DNI style photo

Making the Fingerprinting Appointment

I’ll share this link but it’s fair to say that it’ll change by the time you’ll read this. You’d go on sede electronica website and click on extranjeria.

This is where you can select your local police department in order to do your fingerprinting. It’s fairly straightforward.

The Appointment

I showed up with all of my documents and there was a kiosk to check-in at but it didn’t have my appointment. Here in Santaigo de Compostela, it’s pretty easy to talk to someone and they said that I just had to sit down and wait to be called.

Someone came out, called my name, and I went in with my documents.

They accepted all of my documents but told me that the payment receipt for the Modelo 790-012 wasn’t accepted. I paid it online through my bank’s page and printed the receipt but they said it needed a stamp.

It actually doesn’t need a stamp but they sent me to my bank anyways. I went to my bank and they said I don’t need a stamp but that they’ll stamp it anyways.

This is why it’s a good idea to get your appointment earlier in the day so that you can run out and do last-minute stuff if they need it. In my experience, they usually will need something.

I got the stamp, walked back to the office and she took me right in.

TIE Renewal Approved

Next, they took my fingerprints – just my 2 index fingers. Easy.

They gave me a piece of paper titled Resguardo de solicitud o renovacion de tarjeta de extranjero. This just means that they are processing my card and it should be ready to be picked up 30-45 days from now.

I need to still make an appointment online for recogida de tarjeta with the national police. But the hard part is done.

Things I Learned

They certainly don’t care if you understand Spanish or not but it’s good to speak some because they’ll often give you some instructions.

During the pandemic, you can’t go in with anyone else so be ready for that. And everything needs a cita previa even if you didn’t do that in the past.

Don’t pay your Modelo online. Pay it in person at the bank so you don’t have to deal with the stamp thing.

Have extra copies and extra documents, just in case. I went in with a copy of my empadronamiento, just in case. And I had copies of my passport and NIE card, which they wanted.

My 1st TIE Card in Seville

It was 2018 when I picked up my first TIE in Seville. 3 years later and the process continues but it has gotten easier for me. In 2018 I could barely speak Spanish.

I’ll likely use an attorney again if I get to the next renewal. It was less of headache and worth the 400 euros I spent.

8 replies on “Fingerprinting for Non-Lucrative Visa -2nd Renewal”

Dear Mohammad,
I hope this email finds you well.
I have watched your video and I dont know, just thought of texting you.
My name is O, lives in **** for 14 years. I am applying those days for the non lucrative visa to come to Barcelona, the good news, I have already hired a lawyer. I just wanted to ask you for any tips you may give during interview, lets say if I would show an account balance of 90K, but then buy a flat there then keep showing good records on bank account, wouldnt be suspicious about source of funds since ” technically I am not supposed to work”? (I dont have my own business, also I dont think I should lie about that). Is it better to say that I am retired for some period of time? looking forward for your reply. cheers.

Hello O. Thank you for reaching out. As I have mentioned a few times here before there is no rule against you working. I know this is commonly misunderstood by attorneys and people applying for a non-lucrative visa. You cannot be employed, that’s different from working or earning money or earning profits. I work here in Spain and make money from different companies in the US. But I am not employed by anyone in the US or anywhere else in the world. I have my own investments and I do my own consulting work. I am an independent business that has nothing to do with me or my name. I agree that it’s not good to lie, you never know what the consequences might be. I wish I could tell you what to say. It seems that it wouldn’t be a good idea to post about it online either with your full name. I have changed your name on here and removed your email. But you can always reply and I’m happy to help any way I can.

Hello Mohammad,

I’m interested on getting my non-lucrative visa and one of the questions they are asking is our address in Spain. We don’t have any.

How did you do in that case?

I see there is an option to write a letter explaining the province where you are interested in living, did you do that the first time you apply? or you already had your property?

Thank you

I already had an address in Spain so I’m not quite sure what the alternative options are. Usually the consulate is a good place to email and they can give you some ideas.

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