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Expert Opinion At Your Fingertips

Where To Turn If You Need To Ask A Question To An Expert

I thought this might a simple, fun post about convenient online resources. At times you may find yourself needing an expert opinion, not something you can just ask a colleague yet not something you want to hire a lawyer, life coach or business consultant for. Where do you turn for this?

I enjoy this website, it’s called and they have a huge collection of experts who dish out advice on a per-minute-basis. Prices range anywhere from $1/min to $10/min.

The great thing is that these experts aren’t employed by clarity, they have their own businesses, often working at other endeavors but rely on this website to connect them with potential clients. Their list of achievements for the most part is impressive though certainly there are those who don’t seem to have much to offer.

When you log on to you can choose which expert you want to speak to. Before you commit to anything you can send them a message for free to see if they can help you out with your particular issue. This is helpful for both parties, the right customer is connected with the expert most suitable to answer question at hand.

What If The Expert Sucks And Doesn’t Know Shit?

There is a star-rating system for the experts, allowing the user to rate their experience on the call. Since it’s on a per-minute basis a customer would want to make sure that the expert isn’t milking them for more time. If their rating is fairly good it’s unlikely that you are going to have to deal with someone who is incompetent.

I looked on their website but wasn’t able to find a way to file a complaint in case of a bad experience.

How The Payment Works

When you agree to enter the call after choosing what time you want to have the call take place then a 15-minute block of money is charged to your card. If the call is less <15 minutes the remaining portion is returned to you, if it’s more you will be charged for the extra minutes.

Either you or the expert can record the call so that you have an MP3 of the conversation for later reference. It seems that some of the more experienced experts on there will do this automatically and email you the MP3 the same day.

What Things Can You Ask About?

Even though the company is advertising themselves to entrepreneurs the experts on there seem to have the right knowledge to help us physicians. Most of us have matters relating to multiple different topics, see the list below.

I looked up a few profiles and selected the ones that stood out to me the most. I have included them in the links below. Play around with it, send a message to one of these experts (messages don’t cost anything) and see if they can help you out with your specific scenario.


One More Website That’s Similar

I found one other website called Just Answer that functions in a similar fashion but I couldn’t figure out how the customer would pay for the information. This website has a much broader range of experts – such as motorcycle mechanics, how cool.

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