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Expert Medical Reviewer For Medical Board

This seems to be among the most popular side gigs that healthcare professionals are interested in engaging in. Probably because:

  • well-paid; being an expert medical reviewer for the medical board pays well ($150-200/hour)
  • easy work;¬† because you are only expected to review those who perform the same scope of work as yourself
  • minimal time commitment; a gig that’s easy to enter and doesn’t require a huge time commitment

Each State will have its own expert review process but they seem to be quite similar from State to State. Naturally, California, having more healthcare providers than many other states, has the biggest need.


Each medical board is always looking for an expert medical reviewer for their various specialties. You don’t have to be an MD or DO. NP’s, PA’s, and midwives are also licensed through the medical board in California (each State may differ).

There are certain requirements such needing to work at least 40 hours a week. Each State will differ in this matter as well. Oregon, for example, doesn’t require you be a full-time worker.

I haven’t done this kind of work and not interested in it. But it pays $150/hour for conducting case reviews and $200/hour for providing expert testimony. If you want to dive deep into this kind of work, I recommend getting your foot in the door through 3rd party companies such as SEAK.

The added benefit is that once you perform expert medical review for your respective medical board, you can later take your skills to independent private groups, specifically, legal firms where the pay will be much more juicy.

The California Expert Medical Review information website can be found here.

Here is the application(pdf) which needs to be mailed in physically.

They have a training opportunity which is right around the corner. You will find this on the main website.


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