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Expenses: July 2016

My Expenses For July 2016


In the entrepreneur category this was my last payment on my shared office space. That’s $500/mo I’ll be saving. It’s a good lesson for me to first make money at something in the future before I go creating an overhead for it.

I needed to get out of a few shifts so I spent about $400 to get people to take my shifts. I’ll chalk that up to work expenses. I’ve gotten paid to take other people’s shifts in the past, a transaction usually done in cash so I don’t keep track of it but it’s a rare occurrence.

The rest of the categories are fairly straightforward. My expenses were again fairly high for a single dude with no debt, living in a paid off condo but I shouldn’t complain.

I’ve realized that as long as income is coming in it’s very hard for me to stick to a strict budget. Towards the end of this month my expenses dropped a lot because I decided to retire and I was pretty much spending out of my checking account. Seeing the $13k that was sitting there go down dollar-by-dollar was a great motivator to curb my spending.

What Next Month Will Look Like

Middle of next month I’ll be moving in with my girl so I won’t have my gym expenses here, no home internet, no utilities and no work expenses. Our grocery budget should be about the same if we want to start cooking together. Dining out might go up a little since that’s what new couples do.

I will hopefully have very few airline travel expenses, I’ll have some commuting expenses as I set out to explore NorCal. I will continue paying the overhead for my condo until I decide what to do with it. She will continue paying for the rent for both of us which is a big savings for me.

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