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Expenses For February 2016

HOW MUCH I SPENT February 2016


In total I spent $2,905 in February. You can see January’s expenses which were similar. I am leaving out expenses which I am directly reimbursed for such as medical license renewal or when I pay for certain work events.

$1,500 went towards condo expenses… again, like last month. I purchased a large couch, some tools to fix a few things in the condo and some other stuff that I can’t recall. Not bad, I was close to spending a shit-ton more to get all fancy shmancy in this little space – disaster averted.

Housing expenses were $167 which is my monthly HOA dues. My property taxes aren’t coming up for another couple of months. Those come out to about $175/mo, that’s how much I am setting aside in YNAB.

Food was expensive this month, $834. Some of it was work related and though I thought I would get reimburse… I was wrong. $470 for groceries, I just didn’t shop efficiently, tried new recipes which were inedible. $364 went to dining out.

I had $134 in entertainment expenses, my Audible account and Netflix etc. I also watched a movie. That’s it, not too bad.

The rest is a mix of money I spent paying my financial adviser, gym membership fees, home internet etc.

March is going well, I don’t have anything else to purchase for the condo. I started renting this office space which might be my new “entrepreneurship” category.

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