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Expenses: August 2016

My expenses for August 2016

Yea this was a hefty hit. But $2k went to back-taxes. I was sent a correction by the IRS for 2013 due to an error my CPA made. We had a few back-and-forths with my CPA and the IRS, in the end the IRS won.

Now that I’m living in California I’m renewing my state license and DEA here, costing me about $2k. I should be able to make this cost up fairly quickly, I have a few things lined up as far as work.

I decided to keep the internet at my place, that’s $50/mo. I also kept the electricity on which will come out to about $20/mo. There are a few other miscellaneous bills which should come to an end soon.

I’m not paying for groceries, entertainment or rent. Since I moved in with my partner she has paid for all that. We’re treating our monies in a communal manner, what’s hers is mine and what’s mine is hers. The goal is to live off of her income and invest/save whatever I make so that we have a nice nest-egg in the future.


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