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Expenses: April 2016

What I Spent All Of April 2016



In total I spent $3,290. I had $1,536 in business expenses alone. This is one of my newer categories, investing in my non-medical education and in a small office space where I connect with other entrepreneurs, write and pick up extra virtual visit shifts.

Without the above expense I would be closer to $1,754. This would put me at around $21k of annual expenses. Over the next few years my goal is to figure out how I can generate such an income without having to have a job.

Generating $21k A Year ‘Passively’

I am keeping track of my various ideas on my static page, Project $1k. I have been doing a lot of reading and thinking, learning from others who have failed/succeeded before me, and reached the conclusion that there really is no such thing as a truly passive income. I am totally okay with that … I stopped chasing the unicorn at the end of the rainbow. I have a more realistic sense of what I would need to do in order to achieve a steady income stream without having to have a job.

Tweaking Future Expenses

I don’t like to be nitpicky. All in all my expenses aren’t too bad, but I didn’t reach my current goal without scrutinizing all my ins & outs. I will try to cut back a little on my dining out expenses, go back to cooking more for myself.

I view the business expense as an investment into my future income potential – I have no plans on cutting back on that.

My entertainment budget, made up mostly of alcohol and greasy bar food, can definitely go down a little. I probably will limit myself to 2 drinks and cheaper restaurants from now on when going out and socializing.

I started dating someone who lives in another state. I anticipate increased traveling expenses. Do I want to start playing the mileage game? Probably not. Perhaps move closer to her? That’s a possibility.


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