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Expedited Clinical Credentialing

Most hospitals and medical groups and almost all telemedicine companies are offering some sort of expedited clinical credentialing for physicians.

This is a great time to take advantage of this opportunity. Maybe you’ve wanted to get started with telemedicine or you wanted to included in a particular network.

Expedited Clinical Credentialing

The credentialing process for physicians and other clinical providers is complicated. Usually several companies are hired to handle this process.

They have to look through your malpractice history, medical board history, criminal history, and your employment records.

It’s both expensive but also time consuming. And most medical groups aren’t going to pay extra to have the process expedited.

Public Health Emergencies

During this viral outbreak many telemedicine companies are going into overdrive and offering expedited clinical credentialing. They are reviving previous applicants and reaching out to their pool of credentialed clinicians to see who is willing to see patients.

The clinical credentialing process will be shortcut here. It doesn’t mean that white coat criminals are going to be allowed to see patients, but those who are in good standing are going to have their files expedited.

Problematic Doctors

What if you are among those who have something on your professional record, maybe a medical board investigation, or a malpractice claim?

Don’t hesitate to apply. This is a great time to petition the credentialing committee to see if they are willing to make an exception in your case.

Whether you are trying to get credentialed with a medical group or a telemedicine company, this is the best time to try your luck again.

Waiving Licensing Requirements

Several states have waived licensing requirements and will allow physicians to see patients in their state. It’s part of the expedited clinical credentialing which will allow them to respond to such health emergencies.

Besides the waiting of the licensing, there might be other benefits which may not be advertised. Maybe you can have your licensing fee waived or you can activate a license that’s in retirement status without paying a fee.

You don’t have a lot to lose in such emergency situations, ask and see what you can get.

8 replies on “Expedited Clinical Credentialing”

solid company
lots of support for their clinicians
they seem to have a limited amount of contracts but have plenty of work for their docs

What would be the reason to avoid Teladoc? And could you recommend some companies which do not require regular shifts and have no problem with providers working from overseas?

I’ve discussed those on various podcast episodes and blog posts.
I know it’s a lot of information to look through, but it would be good to read through all of that to help you with your questions. I don’t see a major reason to not to teladoc- I suppose for you, they don’t really allow you to be in another country, so maybe best to go for a different company unless you’re comfortable masking your location using VPN.
Most companies don’t require a regular shift but some still do. Most will have problems with you working overseas, Oscar might not and DialCare doesn’t.

No states that I know of – at least not something I’ve seen advertised. But I’d reach out to each medical board and ask if they are willing to have you be licensed and waive their fee. Expect them to demand that you see a number of patients for the waiver.

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