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My Friends Earning Side Income

Below I compiled a list of my friends and how they are earning side income while they still engaged in full-time or part-time roles. Most are in professional careers. Some are already making good money operating their side income and others are still building them up.


Dr. C., a family doctor

She has an etsy store and she has been doing quite well selling her little bracelets. It started out as a small idea but soon a friend of hers wanted to join and now they are earning side income together.

Dr. M., a family doctor

He has always been into photography. His colleagues kept asking him to buy his work. So he finally started an online photo gallery. They are brilliant on his website but once he mounts them they are absolutely breathtaking and now earning side income for him.

J., a restaurant manager

He works as a full-time restaurant manager. On the side he buys, sells, and trades rare bourbon liqueurs online. He takes trips regularly to stores in other states that might have the kind of items he wants to collect.

I., a musician

His passion has evolved over the years and he makes music and plays gigs while also coordinating major music festivals for earning side income.

Dr. R., an orthopedist

Along with his brother he started working on a side business and now runs an online non-surgical back program. They cater to larger medical groups and have been incredibly successful in the recent years. It has turned from earning side income to his full-time gig recently.

Dr. K., urgent care doctor

She rents out a very unique rotating house on AirBnb. Her and her husband have been into real estate for some time but with their income and their engineer connections, they have come up with something incredibly unique.

B., a coffee roaster

He started out helping his wife do coffee roasting. Soon he realized how crappy the commercial coffee roasters were. Now he builds custom commercial coffee roasters and ships them all over the world for earning side income.

B., a mechanic

He still works full-time as a mechanic as an employee but a partnership opportunity came up and no he is a partner in an auto mechanic shop separate from his main job.

C., an RN

He runs 3 of his own adult day care facilities. He still works full-time as a registered nurse but is spending his money paying off the properties of these businesses.

PA L., a physician assistant

She breeds show breed dogs. I forgot how much she sells each dog for but it’s something ridiculous.

Dr. J., a psychiatrist

He never had any medispa training but when a chance came up to be a partner in one, he decided to go all out and now runs his own medispa on the side while practicing full-time psychiatry.

Reverend T., a pastor

After they moved to Portland, his wife was deciding on what to do. She decided to buy a coffee shop and now he is the head roaster and co-owner that coffee shop in my neighborhood.

Dr. P., an internist

She owns and operates a physical product website. This is a popular and highly engineered box that bolts down to your patio or somewhere on your property where the delivery person drops off boxes in so that they don’t get stolen. What’s fascinating is that she build this from scratch, hired the engineers, did the marketing, and the product sales.

Dr. S., an ER doctor

He runs his own urgent care in another city while working full-time as an ER doctor and now a medical director about 600 miles away. Earning side income this way has generated him extra income for over a decade.

Dr. A., a family doc

She does media work for TV stations on the side. She still works full-time as a family medicine doctor but this is her passion. This  passiona is earning side income for her and building her brand.

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