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Earn $500 With My Affiliate Program

I am proud of my DocDigital Online Course and want to reward you by helping me sell it. Check out the information below to get $500 every time someone buys my course through your unique coupon code.

Affiliate Marketing

So this is called affiliate marketing. You advertise someone else’s product and get a commission every time a sale is completed.

I’m usually not a fan and don’t use any of them on my site because I don’t believe in the products. It also makes me less objective when talking about something.

DocDigital Online Course

My course is fairly straightforward. It’s an 8-week course to help physicians launch their Virtual Clinic. I have live office hours, which are recorded and uploaded to the course. So, the more people go through the course, the better the content gets.

I’m selling the course right now at around $1,500. The price later will go up to $2,500 and eventually $5,000. For every affiliate sale, there is a 33% profit margin for my affiliate gurus.

How to Become an Affiliate

If you’re interested, reply to this email or click below and tell me how you’ll market the course. It could be just a word of mouth to your friends or on your FB group or other SM channel.

I have an Affiliate Program Page where you’ll sign up painlessly and get your unique Affiliate Coupon. When the person signs up with your Coupon code or through your unique link, you collect $500.

Rinse & repeat. I’m taking 20 physicians into this Affiliate Program. First come, first serve.

The Course Quality

I have put in 2 months of 8+ hours a day into this course. I have interviewed markets, attorneys, physicians, website designers, and content creators.

There are hours and hours of video, legal documents to download, tons of extra resources, and the collective brain power of other happy physicians who have taken the course.

I have no doubt that this content is strong, powerful, and incredibly helpful for anyone who wants to launch their Virtual Clinic, their Online Practice, or their Private Telehealth Brand.

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