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Dot Phrases Outside of Healthcare

I have wanted to use dot phrases for a long time. Let me just type .notinterested in my email or Linkedin messages and be done with it. Finally, I found Magical, which does everything we get done on Epic but on your personal Chrome pages.

Dot Phrases in My Daily Workflow

I do a lot of asynchronous telemedicine and converse with people on email and Linkedin. I often type the same message or at least dictate them.

When I’m in a private area, I use my Chromebook’s built-in voice dictation to type whatever I need into any text box.

I don’t have the luxury of voice typing when working from a library or cafe. Even when I listen to music, the microphone’s accuracy decreases significantly.

Magical Chrome Extension

I use a Chromebook, so I live in the Chrome scene. I have several useful extensions, but Magical has been among the best.

You can use any combination of characters and text to type a word or, of course, a whole paragraph.

I use Whatsapp for a lot of my business communication and when someone asks for consulting, I often say the same things over and over. WA for business already has some shortcuts you can program in, but Magical is for any webpage and text box.

Dot Phrases on Your Laptop

In my email, I often will ask for appointments with someone, and I want to add a certain link or “variable”. With Magical, you can edit the dot phrase to say whatever you want and add a “variable.”

The variable is very easy to set on the Magical extension setting. The user interface is incredibly intuitive.

If I want to type in my NPI number or a string of numbers, I can also create that dot phrase. Especially useful when you fill out the same old applications for work.

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