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Don’t Hide Online

So you are this smart, intuitive, insightful doc practicing in your microbubble and positively impacting your colleagues and patients. But you are practicing in a microclimate without anyone being able to reach you.

You can only practice a narrow spectrum of medicine as an infectious disease doctor, MSK radiologist, or pediatric endocrinologist. You are having an impact but not to the extent that you could.

Even worse, you are practicing a very one-dimensionally which often leads to exhaustion, fatigue, and frustration.

Learning From Facebook

Facebook realized that people want to connect with others and share quite a lot with their network. They want to be discoverable online and share their ideas, opinions, and feelings with others.

Having a website like is one way for me to control my own online presence. People can book consults with me there using, or they can send me an email.

I control the narrative on my own site. I choose who I engage with and who I ignore.

Sharing Our Collective Expertise

Right now, the CDC, AHA, ADA, AAFP, WHO, and all these other groups determine how we practice medicine. They even tell us what our opinions should be.

I guess the question is how afraid you would be to put your own opinion online about your own specialty. How necessary is a cholecystectomy for a patient with occasional RUQ pains? How useful is insulin for a Type 2 diabetic? What’s the value of checking an Lp(a)?

People will inevitably reach out to you when you express your opinion about a certain topic long enough. The way our culture works is that the person who has the most to say about a topic becomes a topic expert, for better or worse.

How to Get Started

Substack or Medium is a great place to start. If that’s too structured for you, LinkedIn is also great.

Here is a LI post I recently created with a few people engaging in the conversation. It matters little what someone else thinks about my opinion; what matters most to me is that people engage in a deeper conversation about that topic so everyone can learn.

You can share a research study, an article, an op piece from another author on any platform and share your opinion.

I know that many fear sharing their opinion because they are worried they will get shut down, that others will disagree, or that they’ll be wrong. But that’s not the point of sharing your opinion online.

No opinion can ever be wrong because there only 1 such opinion like it; it came from you, it was created by you in that exact moment, and was 100% true in that microsecond when it was created.

I have lots of posts on here and other platforms that are perhaps wrong, outdated, or contain ideas I don’t even believe in anymore. But they still serve a value because they still add to the collective thoughts online.

The Fear of Being Online

I see little value in sharing your opinion online anonymously. I get it, you might fear losing something that you think is really important, like your friends, your job, money, your house. But, my friend, that shit is all an illusion.

You never had the house in the first place, the job wasn’t yours, and your family won’t always be there.

The main fear is that you’ll lose something of yourself that you’ve worked really hard at to build. But I’m here to tell you that whatever “that” is, it can be taken away you in an instant.

I know this because people come to my website to read about my 2017 medical board investigation and the apparent hell I went through. They are now going through their own hell and looking to me for advice, support, and guidance.

Build A Brand

Building a brand was a thing before we called it a brand. We’d take a hot iron to a cow’s ass, mark furniture with initials, paint pottery with a certain color, and speak in a certain way.

People are attracted to brands and as a physician having a brand makes you stand out. Now that you want to stand out but you now become a voice as opposed to the collective voice which is dominated by big medicine.

I don’t care to stand out and be recognized. I don’t care for anyone to pat me on the back and tell me that my opinions are so insightful. They obviously are not. But I do want someone who is torn, on the fence, confused, or lost to read my shit and realize that maybe there is another way to look at things.

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