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I don’t want to come across as jaded by medicine. I don’t think that’s the right way to put it. I have a lot of respect for healers and I have a lot of respect for the relationship between a physician and a patient.

  • I don’t care to have a paternal role in a patient’s life
  • I don’t want to tell a patient how to live
  • health is a perspective and not an absolute truth
  • medicine shouldn’t advance by testing medications on animals
  • suing a physician should never end in a financial judgement

Maybe the above gives you a better idea of how I feel about medicine. I am saying this because I came across a website that I found interesting. There are others like it but this one seems very legit. It has a few job postings that are updated nearly every day. These jobs are advertised to physicians who would like to exit clinical medicine. It’s called Dropoutclub.

A 4th year medical student cannot all of a sudden decide to leave medicine and that it wasn’t what they signed up for. $400,000 of debt is not something a person can just walk away from. True, it can go into forbearance or deferment but in the end that student is on the hook for that debt.


Have you thought about leaving medicine?
Where do you see the future of medicine?

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