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Do We Need More Private Doctors?

Physicians considering private practice worry that patients aren’t willing to pay for their services. They have their insurance, so we likely don’t need more private doctors.

I find myself helping a friend find a private physician who will see him for his knee. He saw his insurance orthopedist, who spent a few minutes with him and told him he needed surgery.

Now, he’s looking for an objective opinion. He’s considering going abroad. That’s one option. It’s what I did for my hand surgery.

There are no cash-based physicians who are accessible. No sports medicine doctors are available who offer second medical opinions.

Private Doctors

Specialist physicians can add some appointment slots to offer second medical opinions.

Review some charts, charge cash, and offer an unbiased decision.

Especially if you’re a surgeon, offer that second medical opinion without the patient being able to book the surgery with you. That’s as objective as it gets.

Finding the Right Clients

Don’t get it twisted, not all patients look for this level of insight and care. You may not be willing to pay for such a service regarding your health.

Different strokes for different folks.

Some individuals want as much information as possible before making a major health decision. Others have other priorities in life and are content with whatever their insurance doctor tells them.

The clients are a different breed in the private physician world, where you spend extra time with patients and offer high-touch care.

They aren’t more complex or demanding. They want deeper conversations, more information, and more options.

Second Medical Opinions

Offering patients a second medical opinion is one of the best places to start if that’s your jam.

Many states allow you to enter such clinical relationships even with patients living out of your state.

It’s an excellent way to learn marketing and change things up in your current practice. Something that you can do on the side.

Longer Appointments

I call these concierge appointments. Some patients want more time and understand that you could earn more money by seeing more patients.

Offer longer appointments at an extra cost. Make your Fridays 1-hour appointment slots.

You don’t have to lead the conversation, don’t worry. Just talk and let the patient open up.

Many patients seek more private doctors to spend more time with during their visits. It’s just that most of us are stuck in insurance-based models believing that there is no income in the private medical world.

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