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My Digital Tools for My Business

I wanted to share with you guys all of the digital tools that I use for my UCC (urgent care career) business. I’ve been asked a lot, so putting it into a post means I can reference it in the future.

As always, the UCC brand has been a testing ground for me so that I can perfect my future brand for my medical health coaching.

#1. Website

I have my website hosted through Siteground because they are professional and not yet a piece of shit corporate entity like Bluehost. And they are still affordable. I pay maybe $10/month for hosting.

When I buy an actual URL (the address of the website) – of which I own many – I pay around $50/year for each.

I use WordPress for the backbone of my site. I write the content into a blog post and click publish. There is not cost for – I don’t use

WordPress has a lot of “plugins”, the same way your phone has a lot of apps. For a list of all the plugins I use, stay tuned, I’ll publish that soon.

#2. Podcast

I host my podcast through Libsyn and pay about $40/month. It’s a place where I upload my actual .mp3 audio file and then it’s published to all popular podcast apps.

I use the shitty little voice recorder app (Galaxy S10) on my phone – nothing fancy. I make sure it records it in mp3 format. Then I upload the file to my Dropbox, which is free.

In past I used a Blue Yeti microphone and my voice does sound better but I don’t see the need. And I like recording while I’m going out for a walk so that you can hear all the homeless people in the background yelling.

I don’t edit my mp3’s normally. However, if I do need to record it, I use AudaCity. This is good for when you’re doing interviews and want to stitch together 2 separate recording and lay them on top of each other.

#3. YouTube

For my YouTube channel I use my phone’s video recorder function (Galaxy S10) to record the video. I then upload it using Google’s YouTube app.

I don’t edit my videos. But when I used to edit my videos, I would use my Macbook and it’s iMovie software.

#4. Instagram

I create my Instagram content with Canva which is really easy to use. And I pay around $15/month for that.

#5. Coaching

I used to use Uber Conference for coaching calls and coaching conferences. For example, when I do my coaching groups, it’s perfect for that so all of us can be on the line together.

But now I just use WhatsApp which is a great way to do video or audio calls. And it’s free.

#6. Consulting

I use Slack which is free. I can share my projects with my healthcare consulting client. We can securely share links and data files with each other.

If we need to do any conferencing then we use Zoom. I don’t particularly like Zoom because it’s so glitchy but others seem to love it.

#7. Online Courses

I create my online courses by simply taking screen recording using my Macbook’s Quicktime or a Chrome extension called ScreenCastify.

I then upload these “movies”, often in mp4 format, to Teachable where I host my online courses. I pay about $40/month to host my courses. But since each course is $500, it’s not a big cost for me.

I also have some courses which I host on my own website (not through Teachable) and I use the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress for that.

#8. Laptop

I have a Macbook but rarely use that now. I am mostly sticking with my Google Pixel Chromebook. I can create everything with it since most software is web-based these days.

I don’t think you should skimp out on a good laptop. I wish there were more sustainable products available. It might be a good idea to have 1 of each in case your want to have more optionality in your digital tools.

#9. Billing

I use Paypal Business which is far, far, far nicer to use than regular Paypal. I send my consulting and coaching clients invoices through Paypal which take seconds to create.

I don’t pay anything for PP Business, but they take a percentage of what I charge.

They have tons of digital tools they offer. Like, you can create purchase buttons and put it on your website so that someone can pay you directly. It helps automate things.

#10. Telemedicine

I use for my telemedicine app and I use GSuite to create the charts. Doxy costs me $50/month for my clinic.

I keep this very, very simple. It’s easy to get overly complicated when doing telemedicine. I have also used VSee in the past but their customer service is really bad.

You can piece together your own digital tools to do a telemedicine visit. But of course an all-in-one software package will be worth the investment.

#11. Email

I use GSuite – Google Suite. It’s a professional email hosting platform by Google for businesses and it costs like $15/month.

It allows me to have access to documents, file storage, and a few other really great tools like Google Meet.

With GSuite you can create an email like It’s a great digital tool for lots of other functions as well. Worth the money.

#12. Technology Help

Whenever I hit a roadblock or need help with some technology thing I go to to hire a nerd. It’s very cost effective and they do a great job.

I also hire people on there to help with me some digital media design or if I need to convert a file into another file. Basically, anything I don’t know how to do, there is someone on there who knows how to do it.

Digital Tools – Keep It Simple

I know this might seem like a lot. But start slowly and only add technology in when it makes sense to do so.

I didn’t use 90% of this shit when I first started. I was just focusing on creating content on WordPress. Content is king my friends. You can your products off the back of your content.

6 replies on “My Digital Tools for My Business”

Do you use the basic G-suite for $7.99/month? What is the difference between that and just using the G-suite for free? Does it provide HIPAA compliance?

Why Chromebook over Macbook? Curious.

Also, please have Dr. Niloo on the podcast again. Would love an update on her situation. Totally relate to a lot of what she described.

It’s so tough to move away from the Apple operating system if you ever want to leave it, I made that mistake with the iphone I had. With chromebook I can use it in many ways and am not limited to Apple’s OS. I have pinged Dr. Niloo, hopefully she’ll be back on again soon on the podcast!

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