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Credit Repair Isn’t Bogus

My Successful Credit Repair Experience

When it comes to the financial industry there is a lot of shadiness, no doubt. There are terrible financial advisers, there are bad tax lawyers, and there are incompetent credit repair companies.

I always read and heard that credit repair companies are terrible and you should stay away from them. I now realize why such info is out there on the www. I have finally realized that all this ‘free’ information on the internet isn’t really free. Those with the deepest pockets completely control the information.

Back in 2013 I was trying to get approved for a mortgage but because of a botched refinance of a previous mortgage I wasn’t able to get approved. I had some negative marks on my credit report which I was able to get changed with the help of this credit repair agency that I’m about to introduce to you guys.

The mortgage broker that I worked with recommended them. They were very honest, laid out the entire process, told me exactly what to expect, what the cost was and they kept me informed throughout the entire process. It was impressive.

They don’t claim to perform miracles or magic. But, they know what terminology is detrimental and they know what things can be removed and what things are more permanent. They will review your credit, tell you what things you can do, what things they will do, they pull your credit a few times throughout the process to show you their progress. As for me, by the end of the process I was able to get approved for a really good mortgage. Win-Win.

I contacted the company and below is a little blurb they forwarded me and I here is the link to their website at American Credit Repair. I know their website looks like a cheesy infomercial but their blog is pretty good and again, I am very pleased with their service. Best of all, these guys are awesome to communicate with over email, quick and effective.

For the past 12 years, American Credit has been legally and permanently deleting derogatory claim from credit reports for our clients. Our pre-litigation approach is unique and separates us from 95% of the credit repair industry. We aren’t in the business of writing standard dispute letters; we follow the same process used by attorneys. We open our investigations with a legitimate threat of legal action against your creditors and, if they cannot prove they have reported information about you in complete accordance with the regulations and guidelines of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (F.C.R.A.), their claim must be removed from your credit report. Everything on the credit report must be reported according to the F.C.R.A. or it must be deleted. American Credit has had success in removing everything from late payments and collections to bankruptcies and foreclosures.

Please call Michael Lund at (310) 405-0884 or email him at for further information. We always offer a FREE comprehensive analysis of your credit report to determine what we can do to help before asking you for any financial commitment.

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