Virtual Medical Practice Course

There is no better time than now to start your own telehealth practice. An online practice that lets you see your patients wherever they are from wherever you are.

You are more than a medical license number.

  1. You have the skills to be a clinician by delivering health care.
  2. You can guide people to achieve their optimal health as a health coach.
  3. You can consult in your field of expertise for other entities.

Western Medicine is regulated more than ever before. Starting your virtual medical practice now ensures you’ll be ahead of the curve.

From Derm to Ortho to Family Medicine

You are a good dermatologist but are stuck managing the same acne patients. With your own Telehealth practice, you can be a leading virtual expert on psoriasis or alopecia.

As an orthopedist, a time will come when standing for those long surgeries may no longer seem desirable. You can create online courses and guide patients through their post-ACL rehab.

An online medical practice allows you to practice medicine the way you want, delivering care to the kind of patients you want. You control what you charge. You decide how many hours to work. And you get to practice from anywhere in the world.

Virtual Medical Practice Course

This 8-week online course will get you from zero to hero, with a fully functional, live telehealth practice by the end of the 8 weeks.

The topics we’ll cover in-depth include:

  • Business entity/designation
  • Legal considerations
  • Patient care/customer service
  • Website & Technology
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Learning from the competition
  • Troubleshooting your practice

We will build your website from scratch, or you’ll have all the tools and resources to get your website built by competent experts.

You’ll learn to run advertising campaigns and measure their effects. But you will also learn how to hire and work with a marketing expert.


This online course will be released at $1,000 for the first 20 participants. (Thank you to everyone who enrolled!) I’ll be online with you for the entire 8 weeks, and you’ll have ample time to connect with me live. I’ll use this feedback and revenue to improve on the course.

Next, I’ll increase the price to $1,500 with biweekly office hours, where the students will still get access to me but in a more limited scope.

Finally, I’ll raise the price to $2,500 and have an open enrollment. I’ll be available 1 hour per week to answer questions live, but students will get to benefit from all the content that’s accumulated.

Reserve Your Seat Now!

This online course will be live on November 1st, 2023 – just a few short weeks away.

Click here to reserve your seat for this online course. If the link is live, seats are still available for the first 20 people who enroll.