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Countdown To Early Retirement

When Can I Retire?

I am waiting to vest in my pension plan before retiring. Though, the more thought I have given this, the less I feel the need to vest in my pension plan. I don’t have enough assets accumulated yet to be able to pull the plug on regular employment today. If I can further optimize my expenses, maximize savings and possibly generate a side-income, then I can retire sooner.

I have money in a taxable brokerage account and I have funds in my tax deferred  brokerage accounts. Ideally I would like to have enough in my taxable so that  I can let the tax deferred account grow.

So, here is my little count down timer to my retirement date… the goal is sometime around May of 2019.


Do you have a date set in mind?
Are you going to have a pension by the time you retire?

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