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Cooking For Myself

Cooking For 1 Is A True Pain In The Ass

I have heard others say this and I am quickly reaching the same conclusion… cooking for one person sucks. Combine that with a hectic work schedule and commuting on a bicycle and it’s borderline frustrating.

The difficulty lies in having to go shopping for food, cleaning pots and pans, turning on an oven in a condo that doesn’t have a kitchen vent, packing the prepared food into containers, washing the containers and then not liking what I made 75% of the time.

Perhaps if I wasn’t such a shitty cook I would look forward to eating my meals. Then again I feel a little bummed out when I save all this money-making really healthy meals just to binge on crappy food on my way home from work.

Cooking at home saves a lot of money and I know for the most part what I’m putting in my body. Eating out is more fun and simpler but costs more. Living in Portland makes it easy to find healthy food but we all know how much sugar, salt and fat needs to be added to most foods prepared outside in order for it to be tasty.

I’m gonna keep trying to master a few simple and fast recipes. My go-to recipes right now are PBJ (I know, I know!), oven-baked fries and onions, tempeh sandwiches, avocado sandwiches, vegan pizza and Indian curry.

Coconut cream, curry powder, pureed onions, pureed tomatoes, corn, pinto beans and peas. Carrots, peas, corn, those small green mini-cabbage looking things, tomato sauce and nutritional yeast. Pizza dough, tomato sauce, vegan cheese, onions, bell pepper and mushrooms. Oh this one is soooo good. GF pasta, nutritional yeast, coconut cream, mushrooms and shitload of pepper.

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I just don’t want to be yet another person with 302 Tupperware containers in a drawer. I have 8 Tupperware containers and they are mostly sitting idle so I think my laziness or lack of motivation is once again the limiting factor.

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