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Content Marketing for a Virtual Clinic

There are many ways to market your Virtual Clinic, and one of them is content marketing. It’s a method I gravitate towards because I’m conceded and like to create content for others to praise.

Here are a few points stolen directly from this other great article about content marketing, but I plagiarized it to fit to physicians and their Online Clinics.

1. Create a Paying Customer

A patient discovered the content we write about obesity, acne, endometriosis, hemorrhoids, or blood glucose without knowing the value of the services we offer.

A few weeks later, they come back to our site after doing even more research and realized the value of our information. They then book a virtual visit with us or a coaching session.

2. Filter Your Potential Patients

I am as excited as the next physician to manage Fibromyalgia, but there are certain patient types that won’t be a good fit for me.

The content I write on my website, the videos I create, and the podcast I publish on the topic of Falgia help the patient know that I may not be the right partner to help them discover that one yet undiscovered cure.

3. Evergreen Content Lasts

Talking about GLP1s in 2023 is sexy, but like phentermine, it has a short half-life. But content creation with the future in mind should help you craft articles that are conceptual and will be relevant even when AIs take over medicine.

4. You Cheap Bast..

Yes, content marketing is cheap, but not free. You will spend time researching and writing the content. Or, like I’m doing, stealing someone else’s content and plagiarizing it for your own audience.

Fortunately, the time you spend writing your content is also free research that will pay off in dividends. I would not know what apoB is if I didn’t research it for a content marketing article.

5. Content Marketing Content is Shareable

If I write a useful topic on lower extremity edema, it’s likely that my patient will share it with her friend, and the R0 spreads.

A good content strategy should involve hitting your patient’s pain points and creating information that is of high value to them. It should be concise, accurate, and engaging. Not viral, engaging.

6. Builds Trust

If my patients can trust me, they are likely to turn to me for common health problems. To make them trust me I have to be consistent with my content, accurate, and professionally present myself.

Being a total asshole or cursing will fuck my brand over big time. Imagine how many people just bit their lower lip and turned off this article because I didn’t tickle their butthole in the right place. Reference, point #2.

7. Physician Websites Lack Content

Every time I want to research a new lesion on my genitalia, I’m sent to Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic. Very Well, Healthline, and WebMD. The same shit, over and over. Tons of paid industry marketing and, quite honestly, useless information.

Writing about the kind of topics that interest your patients will improve their confidence in your brand, empower them, and likely make them more engaged patients.

Topics to Include

Honestly, include whatever topic you think is of value to your patients. And there’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable and honest.

It’s your website, talk about what matters. Though the content marketing strategy should focus on getting you the ideal patients it’s important that you focus just as much on educating your ideal patients and address their needs.

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