Physician Career Consulting

Unlock the next chapter of your professional journey with tailored physician career consulting from someone who’s been through it all and has coached many physicians just like you.

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If you need 1 hour, book two 30-minute sessions back to back.

  • Med student
  • Resident
  • Burnt-out
  • Virtualist
  • Medical Board Investigations
  • NP
  • ND
  • Health Coaching
  • Private practice
  • Career change
  • Specialists

It’s all fair game. Come with your questions and open mind, and I’ll share everything I’ve learned from the many docs I’ve coached over the years.

Let’s work together to create a career path that matches your skills, values, and aspirations!

Expert Coaching

I’ve coached physicians through career changes, job applications, board investigations, and becoming virtualists.

Actionable Strategies

I advise on clinical consulting and health coaching, but not life coaching.

30 minutes = $175

I schedule appointments using Calendly. You can select a date and time and choose your payment method. You will then provide the details of your case for us to discuss.

All of my consulting comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked. Need more time? Book multiple sessions back to back – max of 2 hours.

Client Testimonials

I have conducted numerous consulting sessions with physicians throughout the years. Please take a look at the testimonials provided below. As I continue to communicate with more physicians, I gain more knowledge, and I become a more effective physician career coach.

Take control of your career and maximize your potential with a 1-hour coaching investment!