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Coaching Group #1 – February 1st, 2020

I will be hosting my first coaching group on February 1st, 2020. It’s a 6-week session with me and a group of 6 medical professionals who are interested in creating location independent income.

Digital Nomad Physician Coaching

For those who are interested in earning money while abroad or being able to live anywhere and generate an income, this Group Coaching will be a great opportunity.

Each of our sessions will be 45 minutes long. We will hold them on Saturdays, at 1:00 pm Pacific Time.

Conference Fees

The cost is $250 for the entire 6-week group session.

We will be connecting using an online conferencing platform so that we can share screens, video, and audio.

Each of you have different needs and are at different stages in your journey of creating a location independent life for yourself. So we can learn a lot from each other.

You may stay anonymous if you prefer and will still be able to participate in the group sessions.

Coaching Group Outcome

During the first 45-minute session we will go through each person’s ideas and goals. For this, I recommend that you prepare a 2-3 minute summary and I’ll take over from there.

By the end of the 6 weeks you should be able to have all of the direction you need to hone in on your income generating idea.

Some are already earning location independent income and want to increase their revenue. Others may want to sit on the conference to know what opportunities are there for them in the future.

You can use this conference time to talk about and ask about anything related to location independent income. Nothing is off-topic. Cursing and venting is encouraged.

Payment & Reservation

To join this February 1st Coaching Group click the purchase button below. You can email me as well to be placed on the waitlist for the next session.

The purchase button will only take the first 6 people. As long as you can pay for the course, you’ll be enrolled.

I will hold future sessions, so don’t worry if you cannot make this cohort.

Excited? So am I. I love connecting with you guys and nothing would make me happier to see you guys enjoy some freedom in your careers.

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