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Writing the Perfect Progress Note

The veil is being lifted on documentation practices in healthcare. Whereas once large medical groups got away with monitoring their progress notes internally, big data is making it mandatory to write the perfect progress note each and every time. The standards for the perfect SOAP note are going high, especially as patients record more of […]

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Online Telepsychiatry from Abroad

One of the greatest things about telemedicine is that you can technically do it from anywhere. You need a physician, an internet connection, and a phone or laptop. Doing online telepsychiatry from abroad should thus be simple, but here are a few problems to consider. The US medical system is a big money maker. From […]

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Running From the Medical Boards

June 2020 I decided to take down my blog, my podcast, and my YouTube channel. Now, a year later, I’ve decided to start writing again. No more running away from the medical boards. Trouble with a Telemedicien Company I was happily working for a large telemedicine company out of the UK which was moving to […]

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Free HIPAA Compliant Tele/Video App

Doximity just added a free feature to their Doximity dialer, they added free HIPAA compliant audio/video capabilities. This makes it the first, real, free telemedicine app for physicians. Doximity has been well known for their dialer feature. In it, you can set the dial-out phone number so that you don’t have to keep dialing *67 […]

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Starting an Online Private Practice

I just finished creating my next online course which is all about starting an online private practice. A virtual private practice is a clinical or non-clinical practice which you can operate from anywhere in the world. As a digital nomad physician, I thought that this would be the exact kind of course to get your […]