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Deplatforming Doctors Online

Why should you care about deplatforming doctors, and how could it affect your career in the future? Though hopefully unlikely to happen to you, a platform can choose to delist you or block you. This can have downstream career consequences, which are difficult to reverse. Diversification helps whether you create your platform or work on […]

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Health Coaching vs Practicing Medicine

As you know, I’m building my health coaching brand – again. This is my second attempt at health coaching. The first time I tried this was overwhelming, and I didn’t have a niche to focus on. Let’s talk about the main differences between health coaching vs practicing medicine. This post aims to offer my physician […]

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Working Remotely from London

We arrived a few days ago from Spain and as usual, I brought my Chromebook, headphones, and Android phone along. This is pretty much everything I need to earn my income and live as a digital nomad physician around the world and work remotely from London, as in this. Working Remotely From London This working […]

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Clinical Knowledge vs Medical Advice

When do you become someone’s doctor? When is a patient-doctor relationship established? Sharing your clinical knowledge with someone is not the same as giving someone medical advice. This topic is becoming more relevant as we connect with patients directly online. For my readers, many of you are interested in being health coaches or health liaisons […]

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Setting the Stage for Your Medical Practice

I wanted to initially title this article “Training Your Patient” but that isn’t the whole story. Sure, when you start seeing non-insurance patients you’ll have to reassure them that your practice will be a whole another model. The patients are accustomed to being ignored and having to push in order to be listened to. They […]

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