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Telemedicine Policy for Second Medical Opinions

If you are interested in offering a second opinion service as a specialist, this article is for you. State telemedicine policy for second medical opinions is evolving in the right direction. In most states, you may not need a license to offer a clinical second opinion to patients there. As an oncologist, you likely work […]

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Brand Strategy for Physicians

A brand strategy for physicians is a way to tell your customer exactly who you are. This ensures that you get the ideal client, someone less likely to have friction with you or want to sue. Mainstream marketing – how others do – often doesn’t serve physicians. A brand strategy is simply a road map […]

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The Private Physician Linkedin Group

I want to invite you to check out my Nomad Physician group on Linkedin groups for those of you who are looking for a private and secure space to discuss career options for digital nomad physicians. Group Privacy The group is private and I review every physician before letting them into the group. Whatever you […]

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Retirement Fears

It’s impossible to predict the future. I have no idea about my health or wealth decades from now. But there are some concepts which I have internalized to help me plan a bit for this unknown future. I don’t believe I need to be able to predict the future in order to plan for it.

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Deplatforming Doctors Online

Why should you care about deplatforming doctors, and how could it affect your career in the future? Though hopefully unlikely to happen to you, a platform can choose to delist you or block you. This can have downstream career consequences, which are difficult to reverse. Diversification helps whether you create your platform or work on […]

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