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Starting an Online Private Practice

I just finished creating my next online course which is all about starting an online private practice. A virtual private practice is a clinical or non-clinical practice which you can operate from anywhere in the world. As a digital nomad physician, I thought that this would be the exact kind of course to get your […]

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Some Interesting Doctor Websites

Just got an email from Dr. Liu who is also on the path to financial freedom and he told me that he found out about my website over at the Home Doctor. Dr. Liu writes over at LT Nomad. This long-term nomad is a female physician – among the very few who talks about her […]

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What Did We Demand During Covid Times?

As physicians, what demands did we make during this pandemic? What did we ask for in return for losing a lot of income, having to close down our clinics, having to see high risk patients without a lot of support? Sure, we’ll always be ready to see patients and sacrifice our well-being to make sure […]

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Digital Nomad Physician Mastermind Group

Before writing this post, like most of my posts, I researched the following keywords regarding a mastermind group: how to start one what’s good about it another word for mastermind what sucks about mastermind groups alternative to mastermind groups pros and cons of a mastermind group to engage women in a mastermind group how to […]

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CV19: You’re Not Legally Immune

There has been a lot of talk about the malpractice immunity clinicians have or don’t have when it comes to this current COVID-19 pandemic. The short answer is that you are not legally immune, despite everything that’s written into law. Let’s start with what would be the obvious scenario: you’re a retired doctor, working mostly […]