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Online Telepsychiatry from Abroad

One of the greatest things about telemedicine is that you can technically do it from anywhere. You need a physician, an internet connection, and a phone or laptop. Doing online telepsychiatry from abroad should thus be simple, but here are a few problems to consider. The US medical system is a big money maker. From […]

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Clinical Data Labeling Jobs for Physicians

We live in the information age. More importantly, we live in the data age. We are wasting tons of electrcity to gather as much data as possible in order to fuel an industry which hasn’t even matured. This has created a ton of data labeling jobs such as clinical data labeling jobs for physicians. Data […]

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Writing the Perfect Physician Resume

If you’re applying for just another clinician job, you don’t need to write the perfect physician resume. But if you’re applying for something unique—maybe something for which you don’t have the pedigree or expertise—it’s worthwhile to spend money on an expert who can write the ideal physician resume for you. There aren’t a lot of […]

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Changing Jobs Too Many Times For Physicians

I had a recent phone job interview with a telemedicine company (MDLive). The CMO had tried to reach me a few times over email, we finally connected and I was curious what questions they had for me. Her main concern with my application was that I had changed jobs too many times as a physician. […]

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Running From the Medical Boards

June 2020 I decided to take down my blog, my podcast, and my YouTube channel. Now, a year later, I’ve decided to start writing again. No more running away from the medical boards. Trouble with a Telemedicien Company I was happily working for a large telemedicine company out of the UK which was moving to […]