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How Much Income Do You Need?

How much income do you need from practicing medicine? There are so many potential answers to this. And so many doctors don’t have a solid answer. In this post, I will discuss the power of knowing how much income you need from practicing medicine. Taxes & Your Income You can’t just throw out a gross […]

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Justifying Your Hourly Rate in Medicine

Some physicians are comfortable setting their hourly rate and don’t look back at it. Some of you have difficulty justifying your hourly rate unless you see others doing the same. In a healthy economy, prices evolve naturally based on the flow of goods and demand. When something is in high demand, prices go up, attracting […]

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Malpractice Risk Mitigation

The information in this article is adapted from a great talk by Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA. I’ll link one of his YouTube videos below. I extracted the salient malpractice risk mitigation points to help me make better clinical practice decisions. Let’s start with a bigger overview of malpractice risk and how a medical lawsuit […]

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Telemedicine Policy for Second Medical Opinions

If you are interested in offering a second opinion service as a specialist, this article is for you. State telemedicine policy for second medical opinions is evolving in the right direction. In most states, you may not need a license to offer a clinical second opinion to patients there. As an oncologist, you likely work […]

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Brand Strategy for Physicians

A brand strategy for physicians is a way to tell your customer exactly who you are. This ensures that you get the ideal client, someone less likely to have friction with you or want to sue. Mainstream marketing – how others do – often doesn’t serve physicians. A brand strategy is simply a road map […]

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