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Rebranding My Virtual Clinic

It’s been a couple of years since I started Digital Nomad Health, my virtual medical practice. I call myself a preventionist and even do house calls, among other shenanigans. As with any business, it’s good to assess whether it’s still in line with your passions, and that’s what sparked the rebranding of my virtual clinic. […]

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Medical Malpractice Review Physician

I haven’t come across a better online profile than that of Dr Jeff Willis. He offers to review malpractice cases for attorneys and advertises himself very effectively on LinkedIn as a medical malpractice review physician. What is He Doing Well? A page banner that answers all the essential pressing questions. He mentions he offers input […]

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Check Out the New Virtual Practice Builder GPT

Building your virtual medical practice is very similar to starting a physical practice. The main difference is the marketing strategy since you don’t have a shingle hanging. And since most of us don’t take insurance, the cash-pay model requires some logistical considerations for the patient. So I designed this Virtual Practice Builder GPT that you […]

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Charge the Right Membership Price

The right price for the right service makes the economy function properly. Sure, there is bartering and pro bono work, but we’re talking about how much to charge for the services you provide a patient. Let’s go over a framework to charge the right membership price. The Wrong Price is Confusing Don’t confuse your customer. […]

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The Race to Zero in Cheap Online Medical Care

Looking for an online doctor? Would you like to have your penile discharge treated discreetly? Well, wait no more! We’ll PAY you to see us. Okay, that’s made up but there is a massive race to the bottom due to the competition in the online space. In fact, quite a few telehealth companies are making […]