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Focus on Customer Service!

You won’t outcompete your fellow physician or a competing virtual clinic on cost or technology, but you can beat them with your service. Focus on customer service! Looking at Babylon’s recent demise, they stole a large chunk of the virtual market from competitors, but in the end, their customer service couldn’t retain their US Medicaid […]

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The Future Healthcare According to CEOs

I care little to predict the future of healthcare, but as digital nomad physicians it’s helpful to know where healthcare CEOs are planning on spending their revenue dollars. Becker’s Hospital Review published an insightful article recently where they asked healthcare leaders how they are addressing the shift toward outpatient care. The Cost of Inpatient Care […]

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About Those Predictions…

So, real estate was supposed to crash, driving down housing costs to make them much more affordable. AI was supposed to read X-rays for us freeing up more time for physicians to focus on other things. And stocks would come down by a lot, making it the perfect time to buy with all that cash […]

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Leading Causes of Death & Suffering

Bringing you this lovely title on this gorgeous day here in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Why do I want to discuss the leading causes of death and suffering? Healthcare can be complex, and it’s important to remember where our value lies. The Clinical Value I Provide As a physician, I have to either increase the […]

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Is Malpractice Insurance Mandatory?

California does not require physicians to carry malpractice insurance. Your employer might, the hospital you round in might, and the insurance company you contract with might. But malpractice insurance is not mandatory for a physician in private practice who takes cash. The Cunningham Group is an insurance agent for physicians shopping for malpractice insurance, and […]