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Subscription-Based Clinical Care

In healthcare, the fee-for-service (FFS) and value-based care (VBC) are the top payment competitors, according to XPC. The subscription-based clinical care model, like we see with DPC, falls under the VBC model. I can charge $100 per patient per month and have a patient panel of 150 individuals. That’s $15,000 per month or $180k a […]

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Getting Legal Help for Your Practice

Finding a good attorney is just like finding a good physician. Some of them are great, and they may not be great every day of the week. So, to start your search, it’s best to start with word of mouth. I have worked directly or indirectly with the following attorneys, who are highly recommended. Some […]

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Medical Cost-Sharing in Healthcare

Medical cost-sharing is a crowdfunded model of peer-to-peer sharing of medical costs in a membership-based model. It’s being used by many as an alternative to mainstream health insurance. A few years ago, health insurance was mandatory, which is the same thing as a tax disguised as a government-sponsored product. Some know medical cost-sharing plans as […]

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The Middlemen in Healthcare – Cost Plus

Cost Plus is a drug company that did away with the middlemen in healthcare and drastically dropped the cost of medications. Why does this matter to you? Because other billionaires will one day use their power to do the same for the rest of healthcare. Removing the middlemen allows for transparency and improves healthcare. PBMs […]

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Cost of Medical Supplies for a Clinic

I’ve always been curious about the cost of medical supplies for a clinic. How much does liquid skin adhesive cost? What’s the cost of surgical gloves and Pneumovax vaccines? Medical office supply cost goes down when you can buy by volume. And generic meds (lidocaine) vs brand-name (Xylocaine) will make a big difference. Medical Supply […]