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The Race to Zero in Cheap Online Medical Care

Looking for an online doctor? Would you like to have your penile discharge treated discreetly? Well, wait no more! We’ll PAY you to see us. Okay, that’s made up but there is a massive race to the bottom due to the competition in the online space. In fact, quite a few telehealth companies are making […]

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20% Profit Margin for a Primary Care Practice

My buddy owns multiple fast-food restaurants. Each location has a net profit margin of around 15% after the food costs, rent, employee payroll, insurance, repairs, and utilities. The average primary care practice doesn’t do much better than that. The kicker is that my buddy doesn’t have to flip burgers or put his finger in someone’s […]

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Connect With Fellow Doctors

In undergrad and medical school, we were gunners and had to compete for grades and praise. Now, as attendings, we’re all in it together. Let’s use each other as resources to succeed in our careers and business ventures by connecting with fellow physicians. In fact, email me now if I can help you get started […]

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Building Your Virtual Clinic in 8-Weeks

I know a little something about starting and running a Virtual Clinic. I’ve been riding that wave since 2018 with many iterations of my current Virtual Practice, Digital Nomad Health. Here is an 8-week plan for building your Virtual Clinic. Build your cash-based online practice yourself. You don’t need a $75k consultant to come in […]

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Florida Bans Off-Shore Access of Patient Data

So you can’t do telemedicine from abroad anymore if you see Florida patients? In May 2023, Florida passed a law prohibiting healthcare providers from storing patient data overseas. This law is meant to protect patient privacy and security by ensuring that patient data is not lost, stolen, or accessed by unauthorized individuals. Book a Thanksgiving […]