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Malpractice Risk Mitigation

The information in this article is adapted from a great talk by Phil Eskew, DO, JD, MBA. I’ll link one of his YouTube videos below. I extracted the salient malpractice risk mitigation points to help me make better clinical practice decisions. Let’s start with a bigger overview of malpractice risk and how a medical lawsuit […]

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Cash Pay Telemedicine Practice

This is my fourth attempt at building my cash pay telemedicine practice. Not that the other attempts were failures, but they weren’t the right fit. Telemedicine platforms, SaaS, and EMRs, have all improved, making this next attempt a better one. My Current Private Practice My current cash pay telemedicine practice is a word-of-mouth practice. I […]

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The Private Physician Linkedin Group

I want to invite you to check out my Nomad Physician group on Linkedin groups for those of you who are looking for a private and secure space to discuss career options for digital nomad physicians. Group Privacy The group is private and I review every physician before letting them into the group. Whatever you […]

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Health Coaching vs Practicing Medicine

As you know, I’m building my health coaching brand – again. This is my second attempt at health coaching. The first time I tried this was overwhelming, and I didn’t have a niche to focus on. Let’s talk about the main differences between health coaching vs practicing medicine. This post aims to offer my physician […]

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Working Remotely from London

We arrived a few days ago from Spain and as usual, I brought my Chromebook, headphones, and Android phone along. This is pretty much everything I need to earn my income and live as a digital nomad physician around the world and work remotely from London, as in this. Working Remotely From London This working […]

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