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Decentralization in Healthcare

Damn, I was hoping I was the first person to write on decentralization in healthcare. Seems like everyone else has beaten me to it. In this article, I’ll discuss how healthcare could benefit from decentralization and what’s in it for a physician who might want to do something in this space. Whether you want to […]

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Weekly Free Friday Q&A

Welcome to my new and hopefully functional Weekly Free Friday Q&A starting Friday, September 16th, 2022, 8-9 am. That’s tomorrow for those of you who are subscribed to this website. The sessions will be recorded and uploaded to the Digital Nomad Physicians Youtube channel. If you share something personal, of course, be aware of that. […]

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Creating a Dementia Prevention Program

If you’re a psychologist, internist, family medicine doctor, or neurologist, you have many tools for creating a dementia prevention program. In this article, I’ll outline a feasible online business for a dementia prevention program. The goal of this is to use the current knowledge and science in dementia prevention to create a helpful and lucrative […]

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Justifying Your Hourly Rate in Medicine

Some physicians are comfortable setting their hourly rate and don’t look back at it. Some of you have difficulty justifying your hourly rate unless you see others doing the same. In a healthy economy, prices evolve naturally based on the flow of goods and demand. When something is in high demand, prices go up, attracting […]

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Welcome To Digital Nomad Physicians

Many more physicians have joined the Digital Nomad Physicians website recently, and I wanted to reintroduce myself to the current subscribers and share a little about what I do here. #digitalnomadphysicians Welcome Thank you for reading my content. I do a lot of research before writing these articles, and I’m on the same journey as […]

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