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Results of my Google Ads Campaign

I recently spent about $500 0n a Google Ads campaign in order to test out their marketing services. The results weren’t what I expected, which I’ll share in this post. Google Ads is a service which displays ads to a specific customer demographic. You can choose the keywords you want to use and which website […]

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What Did We Demand During Covid Times?

As physicians, what demands did we make during this pandemic? What did we ask for in return for losing a lot of income, having to close down our clinics, having to see high risk patients without a lot of support? Sure, we’ll always be ready to see patients and sacrifice our well-being to make sure […]

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Open-Source AI Project for COVID-19

If you’re a physician who is seeing potential COVID-19 patients, please consider contributing to this wonderful open-source AI project by uploading de-identified x-rays to figure1. You don’t have to identify yourself and you can even open the link from an anonymous browser. If you have an x-ray of a patient who has had confirmed COVID-19 […]

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Free Consulting If You’re Broke

Just a reminder for all the new readers who have recently found me, all my coaching and consulting is free for medical professionals who aren’t making money right now for whatever reason. I’m slammed with phone call and email requests but I’ll make sure to connect with you. You can email me directly to set […]

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Physician Telemedicine Course

Who would have thought that my physician telemedicine course would become this popular. Well, with this current viral outbreak, there are a lot more telemedicine visits being performed. I created this course over a year ago and started selling it for $15. Then I bumped the price up to $50, $150, then $300, and now […]