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The Value Of My Pension Plan

I wrote this post initially in 2016 and I’m here to give it a bit of an update. Most of it is still written from my perspective in 2016. It’s now 2021 and I’ve had some interesting learning, which you can review at the end of this post. I’ve been giving this some thought the […]

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Being in a Romantic Relationship

I’m an odd sort of person, which I’ve been told time and time again. But if you met me I think you’d likely get along with me. In some ways I’m quite easy-going and in other ways I’m a stickler. I’ve somehow managed being in a relationship, a romantic one, and one I rather enjoy. […]

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Living in Oaxaca City, Mexico

I have been living in Oaxaca since early March of this year, almost 2 months now. The plan has been to go back to Spain but it hasn’t been easy as I’ll discuss here. Digital Nomad Physician First, I’ve been able to live in various places of the world because of I’m a digital nomad […]

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Running From the Medical Boards

June 2020 I decided to take down my blog, my podcast, and my YouTube channel. Now, a year later, I’ve decided to start writing again. No more running away from the medical boards. Trouble with a Telemedicien Company I was happily working for a large telemedicine company out of the UK which was moving to […]

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Should I Go to Medical School?

I published this article on my LinkedIn profile on the same day, asking should I go to medical school. Since this my first post after a long time on my own website, I thought I’d link these together. — Should I go to medical school? Should I become a doctor? Common questions and rather big […]