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Surviving a 12-Hour Urgent Care Shift

How does a physician make it through a 12-hour urgent care shift without burning out? Each urgent care has its own DNA, and I’ve had to adapt. But below are skills I’ve developed to make it through a 12-hour shift. 1. There is no Better Alternative Once I get to work or schedule the shift, […]

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Online Security for Physicians

Eventually, one of my websites will be hacked and/or my personal data used nefariously. This article is for physicians who want to take easy steps to ensure their online security and privacy. Consequences of Data Breeches You might think you have nothing to hide, but we all have something to hide. A hacker could hold […]

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The Middlemen in Healthcare – Cost Plus

Cost Plus is a drug company that did away with the middlemen in healthcare and drastically dropped the cost of medications. Why does this matter to you? Because other billionaires will one day use their power to do the same for the rest of healthcare. Removing the middlemen allows for transparency and improves healthcare. PBMs […]

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Cost of Medical Supplies for a Clinic

I’ve always been curious about the cost of medical supplies for a clinic. How much does liquid skin adhesive cost? What’s the cost of surgical gloves and Pneumovax vaccines? Medical office supply cost goes down when you can buy by volume. And generic meds (lidocaine) vs brand-name (Xylocaine) will make a big difference. Medical Supply […]

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Electronic Prescription Services – iPrescribe

iPrescribe is a widely used e-Rx service for physicians who don’t have a built-in electronic prescription service in their EMR. For around $360 annually, you can get a standalone app for your phone to send prescriptions to pharmacies all over the US. The service includes prescribing controlled and standard medications. As far as I understand, […]