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Retirement Fears

It’s impossible to predict the future. I have no idea about my health or wealth decades from now. But there are some concepts which I have internalized to help me plan a bit for this unknown future. I don’t believe I need to be able to predict the future in order to plan for it.

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Facing Investment Fears

Whether we like it or not all of us are invested in the economy one way or another. It’s good to have an investment strategy you can fall back on whenever there is economic fear like inflation. What’s your investment strategy? What fears do you have? Every few years, we have to deal with some […]

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Passive Income Still Works

An investment portfolio generates income. Passive income requires some upfront work but earns the investor passive income with little ongoing effort. Depending on the type of portfolio a physician could earn enough to live a comfortable lifestyle with a healthy mix of assets. 

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Deplatforming Doctors Online

Why should you care about deplatforming doctors, and how could it affect your career in the future? Though hopefully unlikely to happen to you, a platform can choose to delist you or block you. This can have downstream career consequences, which are difficult to reverse. Diversification helps whether you create your platform or work on […]

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Health Coaching vs Practicing Medicine

As you know, I’m building my health coaching brand – again. This is my second attempt at health coaching. The first time I tried this was overwhelming, and I didn’t have a niche to focus on. Let’s talk about the main differences between health coaching vs practicing medicine. This post aims to offer my physician […]


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