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The Alternative Mental Health Care Space

As a young premed, I saw my future doctor-self as someone who would figure out what is wrong with the patient and suggest the right next steps. I suspect that’s the reason healthcare professionals go into the mental health space. But it’s the alternative mental health care space that is unique and is booming. As […]

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COVID-19 Testing in Oaxaca City @ Salud Digna

There are several laboratories and clinics in Oaxaca City where you can get COVID testing done. This article is about COVID-19 testing sites in Oaxaca City specifically for those needing COVID-19 testing for entry into the US. We had our test done at Salud Digna which is located close to the Zocalo and next to […]

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Digital Nomad Doctor Lifestyle

The traditional physician practices out of one medical group and stays in that position for years after residency. They might move to a different medical group if they move with their family – otherwise, it’s fairly predictable. The digital nomad doctor lifestyle is quite the opposite. The traditional physician as well as the digital nomad […]

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Online Telepsychiatry from Abroad

One of the greatest things about telemedicine is that you can technically do it from anywhere. You need a physician, an internet connection, and a phone or laptop. Doing online telepsychiatry from abroad should thus be simple, but here are a few problems to consider. The US medical system is a big money maker. From […]

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Clinical Data Labeling Jobs for Physicians

We live in the information age. More importantly, we live in the data age. We are wasting tons of electrcity to gather as much data as possible in order to fuel an industry which hasn’t even matured. This has created a ton of data labeling jobs such as clinical data labeling jobs for physicians. Data […]