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Connect With Fellow Doctors

In undergrad and medical school, we were gunners and had to compete for grades and praise. Now, as attendings, we’re all in it together. Let’s use each other as resources to succeed in our careers and business ventures by connecting with fellow physicians. In fact, email me now if I can help you get started […]

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Subscription-Based Malpractice Insurance

I had a great chat with Scott Korotkin MD, who is the doc behind AutonomyMD, a cloud-based EHR and a subscription-based malpractice insurance coverage, all for less than $200 per month. Shopping for malpractice insurance is a nightmare, and though there is a lot of good information on what kind of coverage you need, the […]

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Going Back To Residency For A Higher Income

So you’ve decided that you aren’t making enough money as a family medicine doctor and are now considering going back to residency to specialize in something a bit more lucrative. If you want to get hired by a Kaiser or Cleveland Clinic, it might make sense to go back, get a new specialty added to […]

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Content Marketing for a Virtual Clinic

There are many ways to market your Virtual Clinic, and one of them is content marketing. It’s a method I gravitate towards because I’m conceded and like to create content for others to praise. Here are a few points stolen directly from this other great article about content marketing, but I plagiarized it to fit […]

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Building Your Virtual Clinic in 8-Weeks

I know a little something about starting and running a Virtual Clinic. I’ve been riding that wave since 2018 with many iterations of my current Virtual Practice, Digital Nomad Health. Here is an 8-week plan for building your Virtual Clinic. Build your cash-based online practice yourself. You don’t need a $75k consultant to come in […]