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Working in Alaska – After License Suspension

2017 is when my drama began with Kaiser. In 2018, Oregon suspended my medical license for 30 days. I had a reciprocal suspension by California and a separate hearing into my case. Fast forward to 2024, and it took a little over a year to get a state medical license in Alaska and just a […]

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The Race to Zero in Cheap Online Medical Care

Looking for an online doctor? Would you like to have your penile discharge treated discreetly? Well, wait no more! We’ll PAY you to see us. Okay, that’s made up but there is a massive race to the bottom due to the competition in the online space. In fact, quite a few telehealth companies are making […]

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Medical License Suspension and Board Certification

I get asked about a medical license suspension and board certification repercussions a lot, so I thought I’d dive into this today. But before I do, I want to remind every doctor reading this that you are far more than your medical license and that in the end, in the big scheme of things, after […]

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Connect With Fellow Doctors

In undergrad and medical school, we were gunners and had to compete for grades and praise. Now, as attendings, we’re all in it together. Let’s use each other as resources to succeed in our careers and business ventures by connecting with fellow physicians. In fact, email me now if I can help you get started […]

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Going Back To Residency For A Higher Income

So you’ve decided that you aren’t making enough money as a family medicine doctor and are now considering going back to residency to specialize in something a bit more lucrative. If you want to get hired by a Kaiser or Cleveland Clinic, it might make sense to go back, get a new specialty added to […]