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Book Review: (Un)Happy Lawyer by Monica R. Parker, JD

Verdict: 1 week read. Well worth the money. Great resource For Any Job/Career Changers


The reason I picked up this book was because the cover was intriguing. I also like to learn how professionals in other fields overcome their lack of satisfaction with their profession. Monica is a good writer, she makes the book fun to read, it’s obvious that she put a lot of work into the book.

The book is worth the price just for the handful of real case stories she has in there. She asks insightful questions to these JD’s who decided not to practice law, though the majority of them dabbled in it for a bit. It’s enlightening to read how they made the transition, their battle with losing their lawyer identity, the ups and downs and their motivation to change. Each case is unique but all share the same backbone: success=happiness, jump on opportunities, rely on your connections, the money will always be enough or it won’t matter because you’re doing something you love and would do even for free.

Monica writes a good deal about how she made the leap, after practicing law she left her profession to become a career coach. I enjoyed the details she shared of her career transition notes she took back then. She hired her own coach and realized it was the right profession for her. I also decided to online-stalk her (yes, normally only something I do when dating someone but comes in handy otherwise) and found that she has since transitioned to a few other gigs similar to coaching. Not sure if she still runs her career coaching company ( but that’s not the point. Kudos for leaving something that she wasn’t passionate about.

She has a solid list of books in the back of the book under the following categories: career development, self-development, money, self-employment, creativity.

There are thought-provoking paragraphs where she shares her coaching style with her clients and there is some really good things to be learned from that. So, if you are thinking of leaving medicine or even dabbling in something else this is a great book to start with.

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