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Book Review: The One Thing

Book Review For The ONE Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan

I wanted to review this book because it has so much press. It was recommended by a friend who found the book to be life-changing.

Verdict: 4-hour read, Worth The Money, Could Listen To It On Audio

I enjoyed the book. My first impression was that the overall concept was a bit too basic to spend 200 pages on. But after finishing the book and reviewing the chapter summaries it actually got me thinking, it’s pretty good.

The idea is that you make every decision by figuring out what the one thing is that can make all decisions easier and focus on addressing it first. So the book takes you through the thought process of organizing your thinking, organizing your time and delves into priority setting.

It’s geared for someone who is on a mission. Someone who has a plan to get something big accomplished and maybe has a tough time organizing their life around that mission. It’s perfect for someone who wants to build up a business, learn a new skill or do a job change.

I figure some people are internally driven and some externally. I’m a pretty hardcore introvert so maybe it’s a little easier for me to set my own pace and if anything I need to get pulled out of my own mind from time to time. But for anyone who wants to build a structure towards a goal and understand the pitfalls then this is a great book.

As an added bonus the authors have built this whole thing around book and created this website called The1Thing where they do training courses and have all sorts of other resources for those interested in a little more of The One Thing. 

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