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Book Review: Safe Money In Tough Times, Jonathan Pond

Verdict: 2 hour read, not worth the read.

I know, I’m being such an ass. I’m not leaving on Amazon or nothing, this is my own little website and I’m saying that when it comes to my 3 readers who are all physicians who are financially savvy, this book isn’t worth the time.

Written in 2009, interestingly he states that real estate ‘isn’t a good investment’… um, wasn’t that when you could buy a lot of stuff for next to nothing??

The book isn’t memorable, I have it in front of me right now and I’m bored just looking through it to tell you what stood out. He talks about what to do if you lose your job, talks about stocks vs bonds. I think the best place to learn about stocks, bonds, REITs and other ‘wall street’ investments is on Another good site is the Bogle Wiki pages but it’s a little too detailed. The nerds among you will love it.

It is a period-specific book, it was written after the economy tumbled. He is writing to tell you what to do through this tough economy. So, since it’s not relevant let’s just skip it. A good entrepreneur will adapt with changing economic times. Currently (3/2016) the markets are down, either it’s a great opportunity to get in on an investment, or it’s best to just stick with your long-term plan. Real estate is on fire, a lot of consumers are buying, which is not wise, but it’s a seller’s market.

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