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Book Review: Risk/Reward, Anne Kreamer

Verdict: 3 hours read, awesome book, well worth it.

I rarely read books this fast but this one was an easy read and the ideas in it were unique. It’s 175 pages written by a woman who has a few other books and seems to have accomplished quite a lot in her life.

It’s not one of those books just cites a bunch of other work and just interviews a shit-load of people. It’s different, it has its own substance with unique ideas specifically relating to wanting to change one’s career.

She talks about the fine balance between taking risks and enjoying the reward. But it’s not like those books which tell you to go write some crap on your whiteboard and keep repeating shit to yourself in the mirror and then quit your job etc.

She does a fantastic job of talking about a few personality types when it comes to working/income, the Pioneers (my girlfriend), the Thinkers (myself), the Defenders, and the Drifters. Reading each one helped me gain insight into what I’m doing well and what I could improve on.

By reading this book I realized where I was falling short in jump-starting my career change. I think the book is a really good read and depending on where you are in your life it should be useful to you.

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