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Book Review: Aftershock, by David Wiedemer

Verdict: Long read, worth it if you’re interested in the doomsday viewpoint

I was excited about this book (written 2015) because I haven’t read much doomsday stuff. The points made in the book are great, you can learn a lot about the US economy reading this book. 

The authors talk about pretty much a complete meltdown of the US economy which they are predicting in the next couple of years. Terms like Market Cliff and Dollar Bubble are catchy terms they use to describe the shit that is about to rain down upon us.

They suggest moving your money out of wall street. I forgot what they said to do instead, it wasn’t memorable enough to remember. I didn’t learn any good ways of ‘protecting’ myself. I believe they even said real estate won’t be a safe alternative.

For what it’s worth, I do like playing various ‘end-of-world’ scenarios in my twisted little head. No, I’m not gonna go arm myself and kill the looters, move into a bunker and live off of canned food for 2 years. I’m talking about becoming a little less reliant on consumer goods, internet, entertainment, the government and social structures. Being able to live in a tent, how to filter water, how to grow my own food. Am I being a little too dramatic? Hurricane Katrina, 2005, anyone?

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