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Balancing Comfort And Luxury

Comfort Is Cheap But Luxury Isn’t In My Budget

I am getting settled into my new condo. The first impulse is to personalize a space which is a new age concept. Likely propagated by savvy marketers who would like for you to spend a ton of money in their big-box stores. My old self included, I know many individuals who change the paint on the walls, fix small imperfections, make small renovations and buy all new furniture when moving into a new place.

I think a part of us likes to identify with tangible items in this world because it firmly grounds us to this existence. I told my best friend a few months ago that I don’t like owning anything and if I could have it my way I would own nothing… she replied that if she were to live that way she would be afraid that if she died it would be as if she never existed.

But not to worry, I own plenty of shit. I want to get rid of a few things to declutter. I have some fancy pants and dress shirts that I am just not going to wear any longer. I have 10 pairs of shoes which is unnecessary.

Do I really need this many spices? I need to learn to borrow and if I use something enough then maybe consider buying it.



I can easily get rid of some of these dress shoes. In Portland people seem to dress more ‘active’ and less trendy.

Everything in this little condo is functional. The sinks are old and they were painted so they are chipping. The wood floors have cracks with some nice-sized splinters which I need to sand down and use some wood filler on.

It’s mostly little stuff which I am in no rush to repair. The furniture is the old stuff that I had in my old apartment, it fits here nicely. I went window-shopping yesterday and there are a few pieces of furniture that I would love to have but the novelty of new furniture wears off so fast. We’ll see how I balance that over the next few months.

ikea mattress on the floor and thrift store furniture for seating urgent care career website

In summary, my condo is comfortable. It serves the purpose of a roof over my head, a warm bed to sleep in and a place to shower/toilet and prepare food. My life’s luxury comes from being able to design my own early financial independence. Speaking of that, there are 1,227 days left until I can walk away from my job. That’s luxury.

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