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April 2019 Spending

My April 2019 spending came out to ~$1,343 while living in Santiago de Compostela, Spain. Overall it’s cheaper living here than in Portland, Oregon.

I report all of my spending every month, really for myself, in order to optimize my spending. Hope you guys get something out of it.


April 2019 Spending

I arrived in Spain beginning of April and so most of my spending has happened here. Not bad so far. It’s a cheap place to live.

Business – $577

My biggest spending category is usually entertainment and business spending is a close second. I have considered not including this because, technically, it’s what allows me to earn money.

For example, I don’t include any donations or financial support I provide to family members and friends here. Nor do I include taxes. But tracking my business spending helps me make sure that I don’t overspend.

My main business spending was:

  • medical board related stuff
  • website services
  • podcast services
  • internet services
  • Traveling Mailbox subscription

Housing – $292

I spend $740/month on my apartment here in Spain. It just so happens that I paid this money in March and reported it on last month’s post. And I still have my condo in Portland, Oregon which has its own carrying costs, such as this monthly HOA fee of $292.

I pay property taxes once a year to a tune of $2,100, so that’s not reflected here.

I also happen to have a tenant staying there who is paying me $275/week or around $1,100/month. I’ll discuss this when I write my income post, which I do every month.

Groceries – $262

Groceries are cheaper in Spain and of higher quality. I don’t buy organic unless I’m getting something that’s packaged, spices, for example.

I probably spent another €50 in cash on coffee and groceries. I don’t track cash usually so I’ll figure out a pay to perhaps do that in the future. A few places still operate on cash here in Santiago.

Entertainment – $126

I spend a lot on entertainment. I’m a spender at heart, can’t lie. $126 has to be the least I’ve ever spent on entertainment in one month. This includes treating myself to a birthday dinner and maybe another €20 on coffee which isn’t included here.

Look at my entertainment spending every month since 2015:

Some months I spend over $2,000 on entertainment. Compare this to 2009-2012, when I was spending $10,000 on entertainment a month.

Exercise – $60

I have a gym membership at a local rock climbing gym. It’s €45/month and I might buy some chalk here and there.

I’m looking for a Brompton bike to purchase locally and have been using Wallapop for my search. That will probably go into my transportation category which right now only includes my feet.

Used Bromptons are around €600-800, while a new Brompton will be closer to €1,300.

Utilities – $23

This is the cost of my electricity in Portland. My apartment here in Spain come with WiFi and all utilities included.

My WiFi in Portland falls under my business spending and was included above. I did purchase a 7 GB SIM by a company called Orange here but I didn’t need it. I consider that entertainment.


Cost of Living in Spain

Sevilla and Barcelona were a little more expensive than Santiago, mostly because of the housing portion.


Still, dining out here is even cheaper. A meal might cost you €8. A glass of wine, €1.50. An espresso €1.10.

I don’t know what it costs to enter a museum, I’ll report on that later. A train ticket to go to another city is somewhere around 50-70 euro each way. I can fly to Barcelona or Madrid for 130 euro round trip.


I’m paying a lot for my flat. But it’s a 3-bedroom in a very quiet part of town. It’s also a short-term rental with utilities included.

You can get a flat for 200-350 euro a month. But that would be a 12-month lease. You’d be responsible for utilities as well. Though, furniture is often included from what I see. Good places to shop for rentals are fotocasa and idealista.


A bus ticket is €1 but you can get a monthly public transportation pass for €30.

There is no bike sharing service like Sevilla’s Bici. You can rent bikes here but I think that’s a tourist thing. I’ve seen some car rental places but no services similar to Car2go, but I suspect they must exist.

There is abundant WiFi so having a cell is really a luxury. I’ve used maybe 300 MB and bought a 7 GB SIM for €10.


I haven’t gone to a dentist or doctor yet. But I’m paying €55 a month for health insurance. It’s required for my non-lucrative visa. This isn’t reflected in my April 2019 spending above – I pay it out of my Spanish savings account so it’s hard to pull into my YNAB.

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