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Paycheck Update: 8/31/2015

What I Do With My Bi-Monthly Paycheck

This paycheck is a bit larger than last month’s because it is for extra work I did in July and August. I’m still focusing on paying down the student loans and still on track to have it paid off before December.

I could have put more towards the student loans but I think it’s important to have some money available in cash. The $2k that I put in my money market serves as my emergency fund.

I will leave $1,728 in my checking. I should only be needing $1k until my next paycheck since my expenses are <$2k/mo. However, I must admit, August got a little spendy, I bought my Brompton Bike and spent a little more on eating out than usual.

In total I will have put aside $3,538 towards retirement in tax-deferred accounts in just this paycheck.

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