Digital Nomad Physicians

Welcome to the Digital Nomad Physicians community, a resource for physicians worldwide who practice medicine on their own terms.

  • Practice anywhere in the world!
  • Virtual-first or Mainly Virtual.
  • Master the niche you enjoy.
  • See your ideal patients.
  • Cash-based, direct pay.

Start Your Own Online Practice!

In this course, you will build your virtual medical practice alongside fellow students and my help.

Work on your own terms. Charge what you think is fair. Market to the patient you desire. Set the hours you like. And work from wherever you want.

As a virtual physician, I am more than my medical qualifications. I expect my work to be satisfying; I want to avoid burnout and positively impact people’s lives.

3 brands to keep me going for a few more years. Clinician. Coach. Consultant.

Dr. Mo

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