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Interviewing Patients for Your Practice

In the traditional insurance model, the payer sends the patients to you, and you are obligated to see them. When you run your own medical practice, you interview patients for your practice to determine fit. In this article, I’ll discuss my patient selection criteria with an overview of how I advertise my practice. The ideal […]

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Arbitration vs Malpractice

Would you rather go to court or settle a patient complaint with an arbitrator? Do you think Kaiser Permanente is the only entity able to arbitrate before deferring to the courts? Let’s talk about third-party arbitration versus malpractice as a way to resolve a potential lawsuit. But Dr. Mo, you’re not a lawyer. I know, […]

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Subscription-Based Practice

In healthcare, the fee-for-service (FFS) and value-based care (VBC) are the top payment competitors, according to XPC. The subscription-based practice model, like we see with DPC, falls under the VBC model. I can charge $100 per patient per month and have a patient panel of 150 individuals. That’s $15,000 per month or $180k a year. […]

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Getting Legal Help for Your Practice

Finding a good attorney is just like finding a good physician. Some of them are great, and they may not be great every day of the week. So, to start your search, it’s best to start with word of mouth. I have worked directly or indirectly with the following attorneys, who are highly recommended. Some […]

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Cash-Pay Surgery Center

The Surgery Center of Oklahoma is a multidisciplinary cash-pay surgery center. No middleman, no insurance. The prices for each surgery are listed on their website, and that’s what you’ll pay. Not only that, they are thriving. The surgeons are top-notch, not just greedy physicians trying to cash in on the cash-pay market. The business runs […]